How to Enjoy Instant Play Casinos in Mayfair

When you are travelling or away from the computer, access to some of your favourite games or programs can be difficult. However, you can enjoy playing instant play casino games in Mayfair using a smartphone or tablet. Bare with us, as we look more closely at instant play casinos in the following paragraphs.

What are Instant Play Casinos?

An instant play casino is any online casino you can access without having to download and install any software on your device. You may see instant casinos referred to as no download casinos or flash casinos. Your mobile phone or tablet will need to have the latest addition of Adobe Flash and be capable of running games with graphics and sound. 

Those are the only major requirements for playing at instant play casinos other than a fast and reliable internet connection. Instant play casinos are accessible from your web browser, there are no apps or installation requirements. All you must do is search for the instant play casino of your choice in your mobile browser, click on the link, register at the casino, make your deposit, and begin playing casino games.

Why Use Instant Play Casinos?

There are many reasons why you should try instant play casinos in Mayfair. Firstly, they allow you to access any online casino with instant play you like and within seconds. Instant play casinos do not assume any space on your hard drive, which mobile casino apps will do when installed. You can open multiple accounts at different instant play casinos and never have to store anything on your phone or tablet. 

This makes it easy to enjoy playing at various online casinos. The quality of your device is not as important when playing instant play casinos games when compared to mobile casino apps. As mentioned above, you need to have Adobe Flash installed on your device but there are no other major requirements. 

Furthermore, if you try an instant play casino and you decide you do not like it, all you must do is log out. If you install a casino app, you must log out of the app but also uninstall the app from your device. It is usually a straightforward process to uninstall an app but for those who are not tech savvy, it could become a problem.

Internet Connection

One of the most important aspects of enjoying instant play casinos in Mayfair is the internet connection. You are relying on the internet connection for your enjoyment and should the connection drop, you will lose access to the casino game you are playing. There are several high quality cafes in Mayfair and they all come with free access to wi-fi. The Parcafé at the Dorchester Hotel is a good example and not only will you discover fantastic artisanal coffees but also access to wi-fi. You can sit back, relax in the cosy atmosphere, and enjoy playing instant play casino games while sipping away at your drink. There are several other cafes in Mayfair with wi-fi but always make sure the connection is dependable before you begin. Another option would be to use your own data connection if you have an unlimited plan.


You can enjoy instant play casino games in Mayfair by connecting to the internet and using your mobile browser. You do not need to install any apps and you can join as many casinos as you like, without taking up space on your device.