How to Create a Bohemian Paradise in Your Back Garden

If there’s one thing our modern lifestyles have taught us, it’s the value of the natural world. Calming, bountiful, and beautiful, it’s the ideal offset for frenetic days in the office and a constant carousel of work, socializing, and staying ahead. In a city that hums with traffic and buzzes with the sound of almost nine million busy lives, there’s something immensely freeing about fresh air and endless skies.

We don’t always have to travel to find the sense of peace and harmony that comes from the great outdoors. For those lucky enough to have a garden, you have a slice of paradise already on your doorstep. However, many struggles to make the most of outdoor areas. Busy, overworked, and too often returning exhausted at the end of the day, it can seem easier to transform that swathe of green into a landscape of grey.

No more, we say. Instead, we’re going to teach you how to turn your unloved and neglected back garden into a bohemian paradise that you’ll want to enjoy all year round.

Pick furniture that fits with your aesthetic

The outdoors is inherently beautiful, but it’s not always made to be accommodating, especially in the depths of winter. No one wants to seat themselves on cold slabs of concrete when they’re practising their mindfulness exercises. That’s why it’s important to pick out furniture that improves the usability of your space as well as its aesthetic. Rattan garden furniture is our recommendation. Fitting well with a bohemian vibe, it’s plush, luxurious, and pleasant to look at. If you choose well, it should also come with an all-weather guarantee. Retailers like Moda have dozens of different styles and sizes available, meaning there’s something to suit every space. These range from the elegant Turnbury bistro set to sprawling outdoor sofas that curve neatly around lavish fire pit tables.

Add lighting – and then more lighting

A bohemian vibe is, by its nature, artistic. That means the form is as important as function. You want to create an area that looks beautiful and magical, and one way to create a true fairy tale appearance is to add lighting. This isn’t something you want to stint on, and it’s very much a case of the more the better.

To start, you may wish to look into solar lights. These have the advantage of being environmentally friendly and inexpensive to run all year round, and there are several aesthetically pleasing options to choose from. String lights are a favourite and look enchanting strung between tree branches or hanging in swathes. Solar stakes are the perfect complement and are especially useful for lighting up pathways and illuminating areas.

Create beds of roses (and other blooms)

The bohemian festival child has long, flowing hair threaded with flowers. This is an aesthetic you want to carry through to your garden, and your flowerbeds can never be too full. What you should emphasize in your outdoor area is the romance and beauty of nature, and bounteous blooms are the surest way to do this.

While colour-coordinated schemes can look wonderful, a bohemian aesthetic is about freedom and expression. There’s less of an emphasis on order and precision and more of an embracing of artistry in all its forms. What this means is you can go wild with shade and shape. Any flower or foliage that draws your eye should be incorporated. Remember, this is supposed to be Eden on your doorstep, and its design is entirely up to you.

When it comes to creating a beautiful bohemian garden, there are so many ways you can make it magical. The ideas in this article are no more than a starting point – interpret them and bring your vision to life in whatever form you wish. If in the end you have a space you love to spend time in, you’ll know you’ve succeeded.