Embracing the Opportunities of Being an Artist in the Digital Age

Most artists would hate nothing more than to be limited, after all, creativity needs space to thrive and grow. And with the rise of technology, there are so many more mediums to explore alongside the traditional ones, plus all of this can be shared globally like never before. As such, today we’ll explore more in-depth all of the opportunities you can leverage for your own benefit as an artist in the digital age.

Making a Living as an Artist

Gone are the days when art was not a fruitful career, the image of a starving artist is less common than you’d expect in this day and age. This is quickly changing in part because of the power that the internet has granted to artists all around the world. So many new industries have popped up thanks to technology and as such, this has created so many more opportunities for artists to find new venues for work.

For instance, we can look into one such industry where art is essential – the online casino sector. It might not be the first industry that pops into your head when it comes to art, but how would users play table games online if they didn’t have the imagery provided to them? If you think about it, everything requires an artist to create an immersive experience for players to emulate the brick-and-mortar casino experience.

Moreover, with how accessible online casinos are, there are more and more users joining. Plus, with new games being constantly developed along with the need for them to also be playable on phones, it makes for a lucrative industry for artists. Regardless of if you’re designing slots, roulette, or any other game – there’s plenty for artists to do.

Apart from leveraging new industries, another new avenue for turning a profit as an artist is through online marketplaces and platforms like Etsy that allow them to sell their artwork directly to customers globally. And this is not only applicable to digital art, but also to other works such as prints, clothing items, unique pottery, or even commissioned art pieces.

The days when artists heavily relied on galleries are gone, which is a blessing as it is extremely difficult for newer artists to obtain the chance to have their work showcased. But there are crowdfunding platforms to help raise funds should they wish to pursue a traditional gallery show.

For the more modern artist, there are plenty of platforms that can be used instead to demonstrate their work such as DeviantArt. Even social media, especially Instagram, can be a great way to gain clients and make a profit. Alternatively, they can also create how-to videos and publish them as an online course thanks to the growth of learning platforms like Udemy, or even stream and connect with students with sites like Restream.

The Benefits of Being an Artist

So now that we know that being an artist can be far more lucrative than in the past, let’s also discuss the other benefits that come from being one. After all, there aren’t many career paths that are quite as fulfilling and rewarding as this one.

Which other career path allows for so much self-expression, all the while freely exploring imagination, emotions, and perspectives and translating all of this to a preferred medium? We certainly can’t think of another one.

This goes hand in hand with getting the unique chance for personal growth and even self-discovery. It’s hard to process our thoughts and feeling properly but art makes it that much easier. In fact, this is why art therapy has grown in popularity, multiple studies have proven how beneficial art is when it comes to this.

Furthermore, being an artist means being open to constant learning and evolution, it is a path of constant and consistent change. This continuous growth makes sure that artists are constantly motivated to further perfect their craft.

Apart from the more personal benefits, artists can actually make a positive impact on the people around them and society overall. As they, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone can interpret art in their own way but when done well, it wields the power to evoke emotions and even inspire social change.

The Future of Art

Art has been heavily impacted by mainstream technology, but this is only the beginning. Imagine stepping into a painting and being able to interact with it or creating sculptures that exist only in the digital realm – with advancements in VR and AR this is quickly becoming a reality. The boundaries between the more traditional mediums and digital ones will continue to only get thinner, which is an exciting new wave for further creative expression.

However, not all of the changes are good. Another advancement that is posed to play a significant role is artificial intelligence (AI).

AI algorithms can already create art, but for now, it is not considered to be true art, but only patterns and designs based on complex algorithms that analyze existing creations. This fusion of human creativity with machine learning could prove to be a risk, and it could also potentially open up a whole new world of inspiration.

While these are just some examples of what can be expected, as we look to the future, it is crystal clear that artists who want to succeed will need to embrace technology in all of its varying forms. Even something as basic as learning new tools like graphic design software or mastering coding languages can open up doors previously inaccessible for traditional artists.

However, amidst all this technology, it is important to not forget the importance of authentic storytelling told through art. No matter what medium an artist chooses or how technology evolves, at its core, art is about conveying emotions, challenging norms, and provoking thought.


Whether you are a painter, sculptor, digital artist, or any other type of artist, these digital opportunities cannot be underestimated. There is nothing simple about art but without the beauty that it provides, society cannot thrive. It can continue, but it would be an empty world to live in. So if you’re an artist and you’re worried about putting your work out there, while it is not the easiest to choose, there will always be at least one person that you will influence with it. And with so many more opportunities available, it can be a great way to both explore your passion and pay the bills.