5 Cool London Arcades For You To Check Out

If you love the vibe and the retro games of the classic arcades, you’re in luck. There are plenty of cool arcades to choose from in London. They’re perfect spots for a night of games and drinks with your friends. Check out a guide for six of them here.

Did you know that London is full of fun and cool arcades for you to check out? Here you’ll not only find the classic arcade atmosphere but also all the cool retro games that you can play with your friends. Get ready for a trip down memory lane at the nostalgic arcades. If you’re looking to have a good time at the arcade, we’ve gathered six of the best ones here.

1. Heart of Gaming

One of the biggest arcades in London can be found in Croydon. This is the ideal destination for a fun night with friends. Heart of Gaming has plenty of options for all kinds of fun and games. They have more than 60 machines and over 29 consoles to choose from. If you like to play pool, they also have a couple of pool tables. If you love the good old retro arcades, you’ll find several of them here including SNES and Mega Drive. The location of Heart of Gaming couldn’t be better either. It’s a cool neighborhood with plenty of local shops and restaurants.

2. Las Vegas Arcade Soho

In central London, you’ll find one of the coolest arcades. Las Vegas Arcade SoHo in SoHo. If you’re looking to have some fun at one of the best locations in the city, this is the arcade to visit – it’s the only one in central London. Of course, you’ll also find all kinds of games. This arcade is for adults only with an age 18+ age limit. The reason for this is that you can also find casino-themed games here. If you like to gamble, this is the perfect spot. Today, a lot of gambling takes place at home online at some of the popular sites that you can find at CasinoHawks. But sometimes it can be fun to be gambling in real life with your friends – if so, visit Las Vegas Arcade SoHo.

3. Gravity Wandsworth

Gravity Wandsworth is a completely unique place definitely worth a visit. You can find all kinds of games for a fun night here like AR digital darts, e-sports, electric game boxes, and much more. You can also find many old retro games and a bar and social club for adults. Look forward to 100,000 sq. ft of fun and games. At Gravity Wandsworth, they’ve made an effort to combine the new with the old, so everyone’s happy. Go back to the future by taking a trip to Southside Wandsworth.

4. Four Quarters

If you’re looking for a chill gaming experience with good games and a drink at the bar, Four Quarters is a great choice. You can get the feel of the good old days with this arcade’s original arcade cabinets. The arcade is placed beautifully in east London facing the canal. You can enjoy a drink from the impressive selection of beers and cocktails. At this atmospheric arcade, you can find all the classic consoles and much more here.

5. Queens Arcade London

At the Queen Arcade London, you can get the full experience. You’ll find more or less all games you could think of. You can visit the arcade zone or have fun at the bowling alley. Try the best of the classics like Cruis’n Blast Car Race, Donkey Kong, or Tetris. You can also find plenty of great food and drink choices. If you find yourself in the heart of London, you should definitely take a trip to Queen Arcade London.

6. Four Thieves

Four Thieves is another brilliant destination if you’re looking for a classic arcade with a twist of VR. You can find everything for the amazing night – drinks, food, and games. Here’s a brewery and a great selection of classic menu. Some nights, you’ll also find entertainment like comedy and DJ sets. Explore the newest VR technology in combination with the old, nostalgic retro games.