The History and Evolution of Gemstones: From minded gemstones to Lab-Grown Gemstones


Gemstones are treasured because they effortlessly fit into different settings. They are most famous in the jewellery industry. But they can also decorate plates, combs, weapons, and religious or ceremonial objects. Once upon a time, there was nothing like lab-grown gemstones, and everyone who wore one gem or the other must have purchased it from […]

Shopping in Mayfair: Retail therapy in London’s most elegant area

Shopping in Mayfair

Located in the West End of London, in the borough of the city of Westminster, Mayfair is one of the best-known areas of London. Most of its appeal lies in its affluent character, making it one of the favourite places in the entire city for both locals and tourists to spend their time. By the […]

1 Hotel Mayfair is a game-changer in sustainable luxury

Luxury Hotel mayfair

Combating the effects of climate change is not optional for hotel managers – right now, businesses in tourism and hospitality can’t survive unless they prioritise sustainability. The demand for eco-friendly travel alternatives is increasing as individuals become more aware of their negative impact on the planet. More than 60% of consumers understand climate change is […]