Luxury Meets the Auction Block: Pro Auction to Sell Simpson’s in the Strand Assets

Pro Auctions

Press Release:Pro Auction is delighted to announce a two-day auction sale in collaboration with the iconic Simpson’s in the Strand. On 2nd and 3rd August 2023, loyal patrons and champions of the historical site will be presented with a rare opportunity to acquire a curated list of furnishings and artefacts that have decorated Simpson’s in […]

Orange Wine: A Bold and Unexpected Drink

Authentic Orange Wine

As you journey into the broad and exciting world of wines, it’s easy to find oneself enchanted by the usual suspects — the suave reds, the crisp whites, the blushing rosés. Yet, nestled within the vibrant spectrum of the wine world lies a bold, lesser-known type, just waiting to tantalise your taste buds: orange wine. […]