The Rock – Largest White Diamond at Auction

White Diamond at Auction

The biggest white diamond sold at auction will be auctioned on May 11 at Christie’s in Geneva. The presale estimate for the 228-carat pear-shaped diamond is estimated to be between £15.2 million and £22.9 million. The stone, which is roughly the size of a chicken egg, was mined in South Africa nearly 20 years ago […]

Why Do Rich People Love to Bet on Horse Racing?

Bet on Horse Racing

Don’t the affluent get to watch the races? Horse racing is sometimes referred to as “the sport of kings” because of its association with the monarchy and, as a result, the perception that it is solely for the wealthy. The great majority of persons participating in the industry, whether they are owners or fans, are […]

Moving to Manchester from London

Monving to Manchester

If you’re here, then you’ve been considering moving to Manchester from London, and we’re here to tell you that that’s not a bad idea! And this may come as a surprise if you’ve never lived in Manchester, but this wonderful city has frequently trumped London as the most liveable city in the UK. You might […]