Beyonce and Jay Z purchase property in Mayfair

Mayfair properties

Power couple Beyonce and Jay Z have been considering purchasing property in the UK for the last few years and have recently splashed out a cool £5.5 million on a lavish townhouse in London’s upmarket Mayfair. The purchase has been made ahead of their string of UK shows, which are rumoured to be taking place later this year.

Snap up the Pink Panther pad in Mayfair this November

The Pink Panther

The luxury Mayfair flat which inspired the 1963 ‘The Pink Panther’ film has been put up for sale for a cool £4.4 million.

Scandalous past.

Lady Norah Docker, one of Britain’s most notorious socialites, once lived here. She was involved in a series of scandals during the height of her fame. Celebrities such as Max Bygraves and Peter Sellars have also passed

SHH mixes up Mayfair architecture

Mayfair architecture

SHH Architects have gained permission from Westminster Council to transform a 1960s office. Located on Park Place in Mayfair, into a striking black-fronted residential property. The building, which is part of the St James’s Conservation Area, will feature Fairface black brick. With charcoal pointing, polished granite for the window portals, and charcoal black zinc for … Read more SHH mixes up Mayfair architecture

Mayfair: Only a world away

Mayfair Only a world away

On August 7th 2007, the world watched helplessly as the bubble surrounding speculative US sub-prime mortgage deals spectacularly burst, bringing down a global superpower along with the hangers on who had for so long feasted from a banquet that had never been laid. Most analysts are in agreement that it has been the worst financial … Read more Mayfair: Only a world away

Diverse and desirable homes at Mercer Pasqua Property Sales and Lettings

Diverse and desirable homes at Mercer Pasqua Property Sales and Lettings

Cassian Pasqua and Alastair Mercer from Mercer Pasqua, Inpedendent Property Consultants in Mayfair and prime central London Since 1995, Mercer Pasqua has delivered premium services in letting, sales, acquisitions and investment consultations. They have a solid and dependable reputation based on an extensive back-catalogue of satisfied customers. The professionals at Mercer Pasqua have over 50 … Read more Diverse and desirable homes at Mercer Pasqua Property Sales and Lettings