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Over the last couple of years, there has been an influx in the popularity of the minimalist trend. This aesthetic is all over Instagram. But what is minimalism itself? It is intentionally living with only the things removing the distraction of excess possessions to focus more on those things that matter most. Minimalism has translated into the ideal Instagram aesthetic, having a simple plain feed with ideally neutral backgrounds with one or two items as the central focus. A few social media minimalist influencers are @emilycocklin, @tashietinks, @imhannahwhiting, and many more. Minimalist artwork and sculptors have also gained popularity such as Kristina Dam, Adrian Tinsley. Their work has been used as great statement pieces of décor in homes.


This idea of ‘less is more’ is also seen to be entering the fashion world. New brands such as Yeezy’s and Skims rely on neutral skin tone colour palettes. Other brands such as The Ordinary, Jill Sanders, and Balenciaga execute the minimalist style beautifully. This style/aesthetic provide a more luxurious feel. But is it boring? It does not always allow for many expressions of personality. But I feel this style is very peaceful, pleasing to the eye, and excellent for cleansing your mindset. It encourages organisation and has a strong interest in scents. So, you want to achieve the perfect minimalist aesthetic, how do you do it?



Nothing screams minimalist than clean white space. Reduce your room to as many little things in the background as possible. Preferably have your walls white or neutral colour to reflect light. The brighter the better. You can add a few plants to add some greenery.


Your outfits must look put together. An easy way to do this is to go with one colour scheme. Neutral colours like white, brown, black, and grey are great base colours for outfits. Look to invest in staple pieces such as tank tops, cigarette trousers, plain t-shirts, joggers, etc. Do not underestimate these simple wardrobe items. These are vital for being able to recreate different looks. You can also add a coloured statement item, for example, a shoulder bag or sneakers adding a pop of colour to your outfit. But do not overdo it. The whole point is to have a less saturated outfit. Avoid mix-matching patterns. Stick to one patterned item per outfit.



It’s nice to look good. But if you don’t smell good, it kills the whole show. What scents are great for the minimalist aesthetic? Do not overpower the people around you with powerful scents. Instead, opt for more subtle soft-smelling scents. some of my favourites are the ‘Ralph Lauren Romance Eau de Parfum’ Spray, ‘Byredo gypsy water Eau de parfum’ and the ‘Autograph riviera neroli Eau de parfum’.



If you want to add a few statement pieces of artwork, look into art that focuses on line drawings or ones that use mainly one solid colour. A few of my favourites are the works of Frank Stella. He reduces his images to geometric form and eliminating illusionistic effects. Imi Knoebel is an abstract painter whose work, specifically her work Grace Kelly III, uses block lines and vibrant colours.  Barbara Hepworth-inspired sculptures make great additions to your homes as well. Perhaps try creating some of your own. There are thousands of tutorials out there on YouTube to help you create your own.



Whether this trend will stay in the future is highly likely as it uses timeless pieces that will never go out of style, such as a plain t-shirt or a home fragrance. It allows you to layer clothes or to add different statement pieces to your home without clashing. However, in an age where individualism and ‘standing out’ is more and encouraged, minimalism may not be exactly ‘stepping out’ of your comfort zone.


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