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Designing music and entretaiment on your lifestyle|Designing music and entretaiment on your lifestyle|Designing music and entretaiment on your lifestyle

United Media specializes in designing, planning and installing quality electronic systems and technologies for the home and office, media rooms, single or multi-room Hi-Fi and video systems to home automation and communication systems as well as integrated whole-house systems providing control of lighting, security and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Home cinemas can also be installed to add great value to your home and life style. With London property amongst the most expensive real estate in the world, the need to maximize the versatility of every square foot is at a premium. Specializing in the design, installation & application of quality components that make up customised systems.
Home Theatre is about transforming your experience of DVD and CD in the home, making it bigger, more enjoyable & easy to live with. Home Theatre involves multi-channel surround sound and bigger pictures on a larger screen. The first step beyond the simple TV surround system is to feed the sound from a DVD player into a specialized A/V amplifier or processor, out to better speakers. The second step is to upgrade your screen. The third is to embrace the wonder of a fully custom installed, automated system that United Media can provide.
When the finest home theatre products are placed in our hands and with the luxury of one-touch automation, you’ll enjoy a new dimension to the films and music you love without having to give up precious living space. Imagine this. Seated in your favourite chair you pick up the remote control and press one button. Curtains close, lights dim, an almost life size screen image appears and your favorite film starts.
Your personal cinema springs into life and you are instantly immersed in the action. When the film ends, you press one button on the remote, the lights come on and the projector screen disappears. As you look around the room, there’s not a single speaker, screen or hi-fi in sight. If your budget won’t stretch to take advantage of all the skills we have to offer, you’ll still appreciate the quality and performance of a well-designed multi-channel audio/visual system above those of an all-in-one, TV-based, surround-sound system.
To enjoy the magic of Home Theatre, you’ll need our expert advice. We will spare no efforts to match your aspirations with your budget and living space to optimize and personalize your enjoyment of music and film in your home. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

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