The story of Tisettanta started in the 1960s, and grew with the achievements of the 70s and 80s, driven by an intense political climate. Nevertheless, stylists and designers in the furnishing and clothing sectors were able to quickly reach success. In the furnishing sector, we watched natural materials – such as wood, fabric, organic textiles, and leather – undergo a lively reassessment. With the market focused on high-end consumers, Tisettanta, always protecting its “Made in Italy” tradition, set its sights on an accessible version of design without giving up excellence.
Every great story starts with a change. Taking action boldly and adopting new strategies is the company’s distinctive characteristic. In the 1970s, they expanded their production plant to make high-quality furniture lines created by prestigious designers. Everyone should be surrounded by beauty. Tisettanta knows this and offers you the chance to enjoy a special modern atmosphere. In 1999, a company specialised in kitchen design called Elam entered the Tisettanta group. A series of important steps marked the company’s growth, bringing it to an interesting level of market share and placing it at the top of its range in revenue. Now, as in the past, Tisettanta can thank the passion of the Pedrazzani family for its range of original, essential furnishings and innovative, versatile solutions. Living rooms, wardrobes, kitchens, bedrooms: a wide variety of options make each room of the house personal, in line with the needs and individual style of the people who live there.

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