Jeff de Bruges: breathtaking innovations in chocolate

For the first word in fine chocolate indulgence, come to Jeff de Bruges, an extraordinary chocolatier which draws on both French “cocoa-chic” and Belgian “greed” when producing confectionery masterpieces. Situated on trendy South Molton Street, near ‘Bond Street’ tube station, de Bruges exudes originality and flair, right down to the shop assistants and appearance of the shop itself.

With Easter fast-approaching, why not make it something extra special by indulging in some of Jeff de Bruges exciting products? As well as the expected chicks, bunnies and eggs, you can also find chocolate lambs, owls and fish in a variety of different forms. Easter baskets are also available, each with a plethora of original chocolate creations inside.

Boasting innovative and unique designs in chocolate, the store offers one of the widest arrays of chocolate products in the whole of London. With only one shop in the UK, Jeff de Bruges really is the ultimate in exclusive chocolate. Additionally, de Bruges produces other edible bits and pieces, including praline spread, fruits pastes, candied orange peel as well as ice-cream and gelato.

One of the most interesting is a fresh take on an old classic: hot chocolate. ‘Hot chocolate on a stick’, simply requires a warm mug of milk, in which you dip one of the sticks and, voilà! Instant hot chocolate as you stir!

All ingredients are carefully selected and guaranteed to be the finest available. Undergoing daily quality control checks, each piece is of the highest standard. Attention to detail and artistic flair are the two main points in de Bruges’ ethos, with certain products in harmony with the seasons; giving you the perfect taste to suit the time of year.


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