Mayfair's finest establishments

Glamorous ladies’ footwear at Gina Shoes, Old Bond Street London W1

Gina Shoes began in 1954; born out of expert shoe-maker Mehmet Kurdash’s desire to craft hand-made women’s footwear of superior quality and design.

Named after Kurdash’s favourite actress, the Italian beauty Gina Lollobrigidia, the name brought with it (as did the actress!) class, beauty, sex-appeal and above all quality design and craftsmanship. Mehmet aimed to pursue near-perfection in his designs. Never compromising on quality or design, he viewed his work as art, rather than the production of practical necessity.

Located moments away from Green Park tube station, Gina Shoes is quick and easy to get to from most mainline stations. Its shoes’ renowned quality and work-ethic make it one of the best places to visit in Mayfair, for those who are passionate about delicately crafted women’s shoes.

Those with an interest in retro 1950s and 60s styling will be in for a treat as the spirit of Gina Lollobrigidia lives on in each expertly-crafted pair of shoes. Gina also offers handbags, all of which maintain Mehmet’s extremely high standards. The shoemakers is run by Attila, Aydin and Altan, his three sons, all of whom possess the same flair, passion and eye for exquisite ladies footwear.

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