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Creating Your Own Clothes

Combining Creating Your Own Clothes and Business

If you are creative and love fashion, you may dream about having a business where you can showcase the clothes that you have created. This …


4 Top Fall Hairstyles

With the arrival of the fall season comes fantastic hair styling options in the glamorous world of fashion. There are plenty of sleek and modish …


Tips to Shop for the Right Engagement Ring

If it’s time for you to begin shopping for an engagement ring, then congratulations! Buying a ring and getting ready for your proposal is an …

Perfect Look in Mayfair

The Perfect Look for a Day in Mayfair

Located on the edge of Hyde Park, Mayfair is an upscale part of London with elegant townhouses, luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants. Savile Row is …

The mayfair dress code

The Mayfair Dress code

Earlier last week, news broke that One Direction, one of the country’s most popular boy bands. The band were turned away from prestigious members club …

Club in Mayfair

Local Musician “Mayfair Lady” shares her Mayfair Highlights

London’s Mayfair has made such a strong impression on local Singer/Songwriter Grace that she chose ‘Mayfair Lady’ as her artist name! In this article, indie-pop …


4 Essential Luxury Brand Apps That You Should Download Today

Mobile technology has become so vital in the past few years that it is hard to think about what our lives would be like without …

The Most Expensive Shoe Brands of 2022

The Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Over the last years, there has seen a huge evolution in fashion trends, and by fashion we mean those styles that go beyond just clothes, …

Best Bespoke Tailors in Mayfair
Bespoke Tailors

Best Bespoke Tailors in Mayfair

So, you need a new suit. You don’t want just any suit. You want a suit that fits you perfectly, one that’s made of the …

Bespoke eye wear

Make eyes in Mayfair this March

They say men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses – the women in question obviously didn’t shop for their eyewear in Mayfair. From the …