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Factors to Consider When Buying Soundbars for the Classroom

You notice that while your television may be thin and one of the best ones available in the market right now, there’s still something lacking. …


Wedding Favours: Make Them Useful and Unique

Wedding events are undoubtedly memorable. But it has been a tradition to give guests some take-home goodies as a token of appreciation for coming to …


4 Effective Ways To Relieve Stress

Anxiety and stress are common occurrences for some people. A study shows that 70% of adults in the US feel anxious and stressed daily. There …


Mayfair Library

There has been uproar in recent months over the closure and cuts of many beloved libraries across the UK. Highlighted by campaigns such as the …

Westminster Council and double yellow lines in Mayfair
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Westminster Council and double yellow lines in Mayfair

The controversy over parking charges on streets controlled by Westminster Council shows no sign of going away.  The Conservative controlled Council now faces accusations. It …

Westminster Parking Charges Spark Opposition

Westminster Parking Charges and Fines

According to a recent survey, more showy supercars get penalised for poor parking in Westminster than anyplace else in the UK. Inconsiderately parked Bugattis, Rolls …


Impeccable service at Mayfair’s Pharmacy

In addition to the designer boutiques, prestigious perfumeries and rare antiques that populate the exclusive Shepherd Market in Mayfair, Pharmacy (at number 6) serves as …

Bespoke cleaning services in Mayfair Jeeves
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Bespoke cleaning services in Mayfair: Jeeves

For over forty years, the Mayfair cleaning firm Jeeves has implemented the very best in dry-cleaning techniques, to ensure a superior finish and cleaned garments …