Mayfair's finest establishments

Dobrik & Lawton Open Store at 31 Savile Row

With its inauguration on 12th April 2021, bespoke tailors Dobrik & Lawton open the doors to their store at 31 Savile Row, Mayfair London. As formally trained tailors of the world-renowned street, it made sense for Kimberley and Joshua to return to Savile Row to open their first store. The space will showcase the bespoke … Read more

Rich Men Share Their Wardrobe Tips – Dress Like A Millionaire While On a Budget

Rich Men Share Their Wardrobe

People are people. That is a fact. But, some people have been taught the fine art of high-society. The social circles in which they associate usually encompass people in politics, finance, and high positions of commerce. They may include people in entertainment who are regularly the focus of the media. For obvious reasons, they are … Read more

The Best British Tailoring

The Best British Tailoring

They say a magician never reveals his secrets, but a gentleman never reveals his tailor. Magically encompassed in the munificent Roman roads of Mayfair, Savile Row, a landmark of British tailoring, has been serving gentlemen of City jobs and the highest class since the 1700s. This handsome 270-metre road of opulence and success is sewn … Read more

Best Bespoke Tailors in Mayfair

Best Bespoke Tailors in Mayfair

So, you need a new suit. You don’t want just any suit. You want a suit that fits you perfectly, one that’s made of the finest fabrics — one that was designed specifically for you. Maybe you have an important business trip coming up in New York or Tokyo, or maybe you just want to channel your inner suave super-spy while hitting up the casinos in Monte Carlo.

A fine, well-fitted suit will help you to feel comfortable, make a great impression, and follow dress codes in style. Besides weddings and business trips, it’s recommended that you have a good suit for heading to the casino (especially in Monte Carlo or Macau), theatre (like the ballet), and opera (especially at the world’s finest opera houses). So, where can you get this great suit?

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Sharpen up your look with a Savile Row suit

Savile Row

The world-renowned Savile Row in Mayfair has long been famous for its smart menswear, so why not pop into one of the many tailors here for a bespoke suit, shirt or trousers? Here are some of our top picks when it comes to Mayfair’s tailors: Denman and Goddard. Head for Denman and Goddard, founded in … Read more

The history of Savile Row

The history of Savile Row

Savile Row is one of the most famous shopping streets in Mayfair, and indeed the whole of London, known across the globe for its traditional bespoke tailoring services. In fact, the word “bespoke” is said to have originated in the area, when material for a suit was “to be spoken for” by a particular customer. … Read more

Savile Row: A cut above the rest

savile row

Synonymous with fine tailoring, cutting edge fashion and catering for Royalty – not to mention the likes of Winston Churchill and Lord Nelson – Savile Row in Mayfair is the go-to place for bespoke suits of the highest quality. Emerging as a prominent shopping street as early as 1731, it was due to men like Beau … Read more