Monthly Archives: July 2013

The sun is finally shining and it looks like it’s here to stay – so why not celebrate with a meal in Mayfair. Here is a selection of some of the best restaurants in the area, where you can beat the heat, dine in style and make the most of the beautiful weather … 42°Raw. If […]

Flemings Hotel is a cute and quirky boutique hotel, tucked away in the middle of  Half Moon Street. It’s already popular with tourists and residents alike, but this designer destination is about to get even more of a reputation boost. 50 of its rooms have undergone a dramatic refurbishment. specialist wallpapers. The new designs include […]

The Flemings “Put Mayfair back on the Monopoly Board” campaign is still going strong. Regardless of its recent replacement with Kensington Palace Gardens. For many board game fans, Mayfair is still the number one spot on the Monopoly score card. Own the entire district. Now new research from Halifax has revealed the equivalent prices for houses […]

Mayfair is known for being an area of culture and sophistication, so as you might expect. There are plenty of fantastic art galleries in the district. There are numerous exciting exhibitions on offer this summer. Best of all, these options, suggested by Lorenzo Belenguer of the Huffington Post, are totally free! Eduardo Chillida – Christie’s, […]

If you have a yearning to travel the globe in order to take in its most famous sights. You may be surprised to hear that you only need to head for one location Burlington Arcade in Mayfair. Although this prestigious Mayfair destination is usually renowned for designer shops and jewellers. Its newest addition also means that […]