New Bond Street Pawnbrokers


5 Blenhiem Street, Mayfair, London. W1S 1LD.
Phone: 020 7493 0385


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New Bond Street Pawnbrokers offers a modern and private pawnbroking service. Here at our Mayfair premises we have seen pawnbroking evolve into one of the most convenient methods to receive instant finance. As one of the most reputable and leading independent pawnbrokers in London and the UK we ensure that all loan transactions are handled securely, promptly, with sensitivity and care. Our expertise, experience and understanding of fine jewellery, diamonds, fine watches and all the markets we trade in allow our clients to achieve the maximum loan against their items. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers London UK offers an immediate, simple, reliable, secure and no fuss service for instant loans. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers have a vastly experienced team in apprising fine jewellery, diamonds, precious stones, antique jewellery and branded jewellery. As a pawnbroking service we offer each individual client our expertise, allowing our clients to realise the highest possible value for their item(s). Our expertise and understanding of all items of jewellery within our premises reassures our clients they are dealing with professionals who understand the jewellery trade. We are able to loan against fine art. Using works of fine art as collateral in raising finance against a loan is a quick convenient method to realise instant funds within an investment or heirloom without have to sell the item. Any artwork will be considered for collateral. Please give as an accurate description and details as possible of the artwork. Pawnbroking in London Mayfair allows New Bond Street Pawnbrokers to keep an active knowledge within the antiques market. Raising funds against fine antiques is a convenient quick method of raising finance against an investment or an heirloom without having to sell the item. We loan against luxury cars. To raise a loan against a car there must be no outstanding finance owed against the car (i.e. HP agreements) prior to our loan transaction. The car throughout the time of the loan does have to go into secure storage. Please note we do not supply loans under £10,000.00 against any car so the car’s value must be in excess of this amount. Loans against fine, rare, vintage and consignments of wine. As we are independent pawnbrokers we are able to realise the investment made in more rare items such as fine wine. Raising funds against fine wines is a convenient quick method of raising finance against an investment or an heirloom without having to sell off each item.

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Ques 1. What interest rate do you charge for say3 month loan of between a 1000 and 5000.Sequrity wates and antique art lets say,please advise
Dated: 2011-01-17
By: carl james