Hardy Amies


14 Savile Row, Mayfair, London. W1S 3JN.
Phone: 020 7734 2436


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A complete wardrobe for the 21st Century looks more complicated than ever before. Gone are the distinctions between home and the office. Now there is the 12-hour working day; the demands of a ‘relaxed-yet-formal’ meeting with clients stretching into the wee hours; the catwalk that is a night on the town or indeed a weekend at friends in the country. One suit cannot be right for everything. Not even a contemporary, traditional suit from Hardy Amies.
For the most perfectly formal occasions, nothing beats the fully Bespoke suit. Hand-measured, hand-made, uniquely handsome. At the House of Hardy Amies, following the initial measurements, our tailors take your choices of cloth and style, and individual features, and cut a pattern in our Workroom. What distinguishes a Hardy Amies Bespoke suit from any other.


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