Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy and Clinic


73 Duke Street, Mayfair, London. W1K 5BY.
Phone: 020 7629 3118


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Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy has been a favourite destination for natural healthcare and well being in central London since 1860. Where much has changed, our ethos, dedication and practice remains the same. We prepare remedies to traditional Hahnemannian standards and, with our team of qualified and trainee homeopaths, create a knowledgeable and professional environment in which to offer you information, support, expert advice and complementary products for all your homeopathic and alternative healthcare needs.Homeopathy is a natural and safe alternative to conventional medicine and is suitable for all ages throughout every stage of life, for babies, children and adults. It is considered safe to take homeopathic medicines whilst pregnant although we recommend that they are taken under the supervision of a practitioner. Accurately prescribed homeopathic remedies boost your whole immune system, and act without side effects. Balance, wellbeing and health are gently, safely and effectively restored. Homeopathy can be used both in health and illness. In health as a preventative and in illness to remedy the imbalance. Bach Original Flower Remedies are completely safe and natural and can be used by all the family. They can even be used to help plants and animals because they act in such a gentle way. If you select an inappropriate remedy it will simply not have an effect. Dr Edward Bach's philosophy was simple and profound, based on the innate perfection and spiritual nature of human beings. He believed that health and happiness results from being in harmony with our own nature and doing the work for which we are individually suited. You can learn more about Bach Original Flower Remedies by attending the Bach International Education Programme. This is a three-tier training programme organised by Nelsons. Courses are approved by The Bach Centre, the educational wing of The Dr Edward Bach Centre. These courses will help you to learn how to use the remedies in your work and daily life. Our clinic is a peaceful and tranquil environment for therapeutic health advice and complementary medicine consultations. We have a reputable team of medical and qualified registered homeopaths, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners and offer other complementary therapies such as Osteopathy, Food Sensitivity Testing and The F.M. Alexander Technique. Our practitioners have been carefully chosen for their experience and reputation.

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