Furs of Mayfair Ltd


47 South Molton Street, Mayfair, London. W1K 5RY.
Phone: 020 7629 6324


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A family business with four generations in fur. We have a professional but approachable friendly style and are committed to ensuring the client is completely satisfied. 

Part-Exchange: We will give you a fair price for any existing fur coats that you wish to sell when buying a new garment. 
Remodelling: We will give you advice, design ideas and an immediate price quotation with no obligations. 
Full Service: We offer all services that may be required with a fur garment from selling, ´made-to-measure´, part-exchange, remodelling, repairs, valuations, storage and cleaning. 
Our Garments: All of our garments are made from the highest quality of fur and are sold at competitive prices. Most of the garments are exclusive, being made in our workshops in England and Belgium. All our garments are made-to-measure which is our speciality. 
Your Garments: If you would like to part-exchange your existing fur coat for a new one, we will offer you a very reasonable price.

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Questions already asked by others

Ques 1. Dear sir/madam My wife has rescently been given a full length coat, hat and wrap which, we've been told, is mink. No one in our immediate family has ever owned such a coat and we would like someone to tell us a little about the garmets, what would be involved in possible remodeling and how to look after the items. We live in Horsham and I work in London so we could easily visit you. Do we need to make an appointment (probably in the new year). Thanks Jeff
Dated: 2010-12-21
By: Jeff Ashman
Ans: Dear Jeff Thank you for your enquiry. No problem, just pop the coat up to the showroom and I will advise you accordingly. We are open Monday to Friday. Kind Regards Brian
Ques 2. I recently inherited a few real fur coats, from what I know one is silver fox and one is mink. Do you buy second hand coats, I don't really know what to do with them. I would really appreciate if you could give me any help, thank you
Dated: 2010-07-29
By: Stephanie
Ans: Dear Stephanie Thank you for your enquiry. We offer a part exchange service so when you buy a new fur coat, we give you our best price possible on your old coat. Or we offer a remodelling service where you can have the coat updated to a modern design. Kind Regards Brian