Guy and Max fine jewellery


8 Shepherd Street, Mayfair, London. W1J 7JE.
Phone: 020 7499 5898


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GUY&MAX translate this language into award winning designs in 3D, furniture, interiors and jewellery, making our collection and bespoke products unique for every customer.

Art & Design:  GUY&MAX is a passion for design. GUY&MAX morph a number of advanced technologies with traditional craftsmanship by the best artisans to achieve the ultimate goal of perfection. 

Bespoke commissions by appointment from Uniquity.

Diamonds:  GUY&MAX is a passion for diamonds.  GUY&MAX tailor the stone choice to our customer’s individual needs. Aesthetic, budget, metal choice and skin tone are all fundamental to the perfect jewel, rather than the scientific status quo that is prevalent elsewhere.

GUY&MAX buy and part exchange diamonds.

GUY&MAX is committed to The Kimberley Process* and the expansion of fair trade throughout the world.

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