Alma Leather Furniture


8 Vigo Street, Mayfair, London. W1S 3HJ.
Phone: 020 7439 0925


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Since 1938, ALMA has been an inspirational and knowledgeable supplier of leather. Combining traditional expertise with cutting edge techniques, ALMA is not only an industry leader, but one who has redefined how leather is used in the 21st century.
From supplying leather hides to manufacturing furniture, soft furnishings, floors and wallcoverings, Alma is proud of its reputation for tradition, quality and service. We are keen to share our knowledge and passion for leather and leather care.
Alma Leather is the core of our business. For over 65 years its uniqueness has rested on the fact that it stocks the largest variety of hides in Europe, many available for immediate delivery. Whether you are a customer requiring a single hide, a designer looking for something unusual, or a multi-national company looking for a hundred hides, Alma Leather can meet your most challenging demands.
Alma Leather stocks hides for upholstery in residential and commercial interiors; for yacht, aircraft and automotive interiors; and for clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. From leathers with traditional finishes through to those finished using the most innovative techniques, Alma Leather challenges the boundaries between leather and fabrics.
For the sophisticated customer, the Alma Home collection is handcrafted in our London factory to the highest of standards. Beautiful, clean lines fuse with the softest, most desirable leathers. The stitching detail on sofas and armchairs is fine and unobtrusive, the combinations of colours, finishes and textures endless.
The beauty of leather lies in its graceful ageing, each time it is used it takes on a little of the owner's personality - it becomes unique to each person and a part of their history. The Alma Home collection complements any type of home and brings with it an elegant twist on the classic.

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