Westminster Parking Charges Spark Opposition

There is growing opposition to the planned introduction of weekend and evening car par parking charges by Westminster Council. The levy, with charges from £2.20 to £4.40 per hour, is due to become operative from 9 January and will have a serious impact on the commerce of Central London, particularly Mayfair.

The latest high profile opponent of the proposed charges is Mayor of London Boris Johnston.

Mr Johnson said: “I think it is completely mad what Westminster is doing.  It is not what the city needs right now, it will be damaging to business. Unfortunately I do not control those roads, TfL [Transport for London] alas only controls 5% of the roads in London.”

The proposed new parking charges from Conservative controlled Westminster Council will be charged on motorists until midnight on Monday through to Saturday, and from 1pm to 6pm on Sundays. A recent study commissioned by West Ending Campaign (comprised of West End businesses who oppose the charges) claimed that the local economy could suffer to the tune of £800m a year with up to 5,100 jobs at risk.

The Council continue to deny that the proposed parking charges are a revenue generating ploy.  Instead the Council has maintained that the charges are part of a plan to improve the environment of the area by maintaining streets that are clean, safe and vibrant.

Mr Johnson countered the environmental claims by the Council by stating that the planned charges are clearly the result of revenue generating motives. Faith groups and local businesses have consistently opposed the plan by Westminster Council to impose the parking charges.

There is a new website against Westminster Council’s parking proposals now up and running, see here: www.westending.org

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    Boris Johnson has said that plans to introduce night-time and weekend parking charges in London’s West End have been postponed until after the Olympic Games.

    At last, Westminster council has been made to see sense.
    It has been obliged to suspend its plans to charge for parking in the West End in the evenings and on Sundays, as a result of a High Court ruling that the plan would “damage businesses and churches”.

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    BBC London news – 16 December 2011

    Westminster Council’s parking consultation ‘contempt’


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