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5 Cork Street, Mayfair, London. W1S 3LQ
Phone: 020 7495 2565


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Noel Bensted has continued to build on his reputation by making works which are both beguiling and intriguing with a hint of mystery and romance. His paintings sparkle with verve and vitality. By using carefully selcted models, all with arresting qualities and a certain poise in their bearing, he reconstructs timeless moments observed in the bars and cafés of bustling cosmopolitan life. Noel creates these set pieces alongside his nudes, portraits and still life paintings, in which he demonstrates his command of composition, observation from life and expressive handling of his medium. 

Michael Bennallack Hart's work is prized by collectors for its evocation of atmosphere, mastery of composition and strong feelings of romanticism. He follows in the tradition of the Romantic landscape painters of the nineteenth century, but with a contemporary and original sense of arrangement, quality and approach. Michael began his career designing and illustrating film posters and record sleeves, and painting landscapes and sports scenes. In the '70s and '80s he worked as an advertising art director and illustrator, whilst continuing to paint and exhibited in New York. His work is held in private, public and corporate collections around the world. 
Patrice Lombardi was born in Massachusetts, USA. She studied painting in Boston, Paris and Florence, Italy. Patrice's most recent paintings for her second show at the Medici Gallery are the fresh result of her latest investigation into the essence of objects. Objects mundane or precious, are chosen for their personal significance and their mystery. Lombardi follows in the tradition of European painting and most of her work is in oils. Over the years she has worked with Italian formal gardens, landscape, still life and object study as well as portraiture. 
Richard W. Boardman attended Colchester School of Art and Central School of Art, London. At an early age he was exposed to the rich use of animal imagery in Russian folk stories. In his own work he has continued the development and symbolic use of animal images such as the bird, the fox and the Egyptian inspired Sphinx interpreting each form with his own highly developed sense of aesthetics and humour. Pencil and Pen and Ink drawings are the key and starting point for the investigation of form. From drawings the sculptures are built up in wax in a time consuming process. When the form meets with his exacting approval they are then cast in bronze, by the Bronzarte Foundry, in Pietrasanta, Italy.

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