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38 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London. W1S 4JG.
Phone: 020 7499 1314


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Makiko Nakamura Place
Nakamura's paintings start with a regular series of painted grids applied across the canvas. The simple structure of squares remain a constant presence throughout her lengthy working process, as she applies layer after layer of oil paint across the surface before turning back into the painting, sanding down into earlier colours until reaching the grids and lines that form the architecture of each composition. 15 October - 30 October 2010.

Leon Morrocco - Chennai, Kolkata, Goa
In 2008 Leon Morrocco made his first of what would become several journeys around India. The resulting paintings from 2008 and 2009 were shown in his exhibition 'From Mumbai to Madurai' at this gallery last November. This exhibition marks the result of his drawing trips to Kolkata, Chennai and Goa, and the artist's enduring fascination for a country that lives, as he says, "at the upper end of the colour spectrum". 
Francis Hamel - Italian Formal Gardens And Their Landscapes
Francis Hamel's 2010 exhibition, Italian Formal Gardens and their Landscapes, is a record of some of the significant gardens in Italy and the nature of their relationship with the surrounding landscape. Shaped through centuries of cultivation. 24 November - 11 December 2010.
CABINET. ARTISTS: - Barry McGlashan - Rupert Gatfield - Olivia Musgrave - Keith Rand - Julian Wild - Marty Kelly - Hugo Wilson. 13 December - 23 December 2010A

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